Bass Block : Bass Block 802

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The original Bass Block 800 set new standards for “bottomless” energy reserves and hard-hitting bass tone. The Bass Block 802 builds on this foundation with new features and refinements to further enhance your control of this well-proven platform. This 3.7-lb (1.6kg) powerhouse drives any good speaker to its full potential to keep the crowd moving all night long. Mounts in our expanding line of BassDock speakers to make the perfect travelling companion -- twice the power in half the size!


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    John Phillips on January 22, 2023 at 12:27 am


    This is an excellent amp. Following are the attributes meaningful to me; very powerful, clean warm sound, solidly built, effective tone controls, the ability to drive any common speaker cabinet. Long term durability is an open question, but if it is like the other Quilter/QSC products I am familiar with, it probably won’t disappoint.

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