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The MicroBlock 45 stemmed from a hilarious April Fool's prank where we created the "Thormitron 10000" a "10,000 watt, thorium fueled micro amp." Although the product was a joke, the MicroBlock is not. We took a long hard look at the competition, and developed a euphonious sounding micro power amp for your pedals, with speaker and headphone outputs.


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    Stein on July 21, 2022 at 12:04 am


    A great little unit and a perfect "backup" amp. It can still get pretty loud for its size. I was using this together with a cab housing the Celestion 8" speaker (same speaker as the one in the Mach2-8), for rehearsals... and during setups, I get a lot of comments whether it is loud enough (and will have enough bottom end). Everything was answered as soon as I played for a minute or so. Took in all my drive pedals very well. Giving it a 4 as the missing 1 was all the features added in the SuperBlock US/UK series.

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