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The Quilter MicroPro 200 is truly a unique innovation in guitar amplification. As soon as you play it, you will see that it is in a class by itself. Our goal was to preserve the classic tones that defined the electric guitar while giving the musician an amplifier that was powerful enough to play any gig and more efficient, reliable, lightweight and portable than existing guitar amplifier designs.

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    Robbiereverb on February 8, 2020 at 2:10 am


    I got one of the first 50- 8" MicroPros (Mach I). This is my review from Harmony Central, from late 2012. 7+ years later, I stand by what I wrote back then, and can add that the durability is great. I've played mine almost every day since I got it, and have never had any kind of technical issue. Overall Rating: ***** The MicroPro 200 is a game-changer. Great for every style that I play: rock, blues, surf, folk, country, Americana, experimental. This is a great all-around amp that delivers nearly everything that I would ever want in an amp, all in a very portable, compact and lightweight package. The MicroPro won't quite sound exactly like that magical plexi Marshall, the killer vintage 60's AC30, or vinatge brownface bandmaster, and it doesn't have 132 modeling presets. But it covers a lot of sonic ground, sounds great in any application, and sounds wonderful, pretty much whereever the controls are set.  A lot of people will look at the diminutive size and 8" speaker, and think it is a "toy" beginner's amp. It is absolutely a pro amp. (Some current pro users are: Alan Holdsworth, Nathan James, James Harman, Freddie Roulette, Danny Snyder (The TomorrowMen, Meshugga Beach Party, Frankie & the Pool boys}, and Mel Waldorf {Meshugga Beach Party, Los Meltones, Mach IV, the Alvarados}). For those not willing to give the 8" combo a chance, Quilter is also now selling the MicroPro 200 in 10" and 12" combos, and  also a separate head for use with their 12" extension cabinet, or the cabinet of your choice. I would've never thought it, but I am a believer in the MicroPro 200, and certainly in Quilter Labs. Highly recommended.  Features: ***** 200 watts class D solid state power; 2 independent channels (100 watts per channel) with channel switching; very well voiced "full-Q" analog tone for increased clarity and harmonics; active bass, mid & treble tone controls"; presence control; ch 1 volume; ch 2 gain; ch 2 master volume; 5 mode setting (clean {ch1}, "Full Q", Classic, Tweed, Mini); 8" special-design "full-range" speaker, with a 10 degree slant-back for better sound dispersion; Hi/Lo & mic/Line XLR inputs; 2 channels; reverb w/ reverb & dwell controls, and path assigment, tremolo; overdrive limiter; footswitchable boost with 4 voicings (scoop, bright, loud, hot, off); boost level control;  back-lit front control panel controls; effects loop; 4/8 ohm ext speaker out; isolated direct out; amp cover; 100-250v international power supply; 18.8 lbs in weight; 14.5 height "; 17.5" width; 9.75" deep; conforms to U.S. airline carry-on size limits; Beefy comfortable handle; 6 button heavy-duty footswitch (optional at additional cost). For the amount of volume that the MicroPro produces, the portability is amazing... and welcome. As a person with spinal issues, a compact package like this is something for which I have sought for decades. Designed by Pat Quilter, the "Q" IN QSC Audio, this is an exceptionally well-designed piece of equipment. Sound Quality: ***** I am blown away by the sound of this great little amp. Running a variety of guitars and effects through the MicroPro, there was not a bad sound to be had. In fact most of the sounds were downright inspiring. The warm, harmonic, tube-like tone is by far the best of any solid state device that I have heard, and unlike that of which I have heard from anything other than a tube amp. The MicroPro has impressive dynamic touch sensitivity. Backing-off on the volume control on the guitar, or easing up on picking touch causes the amp to clean-up nicely, even with fairly high overdrive settings, and vice-verse. Very nice! The amp's harmonic tone seems to breathe and behave like a tube amp. Sustain is outstanding in clean and overdrive modes, and can be enahanced with the limit control. The huge 100 watt RMS full-range sound coming out of this small box is nothing short of incredible.There is plenty of clean headroom when needed. The clean tones are outstanding. The overdrive is warm, convincing, rich, and very tube-like. As is (without pedals) the overdrive is not suitable for metal, but there is plenty of overdrive range for just about any other style of music. The small size does not keep the MicroPro from producing a HUGE tone with plenty of convincing full-range bass, mids, and treble. Controls are very powerful, precise, and interactive. The number of sounds that can be dialed-in, is impressive. Even at high volumes with high overdrive settings, the amp is amazingly quiet. This little sucker really projects well, and sound dispersion is outstanding. Sound is even fuller with an extension cabinet. The digital reverb has controls for the amount of reverb and dwell, and a path switch that places the reverb in different channels and places in the signal chain. it compares nicely to onboard reverb in tube amps, but in my opinion cannot touch an outboard tube reverb tank.The tremolo is warm and rich sounding. Not having used the clean (microphone/line) channel for a mike or acoustic guitar, I cannot credibly comment on that function for those instruments, but it does produce a nice clean sound for electric guitar. The amp accepts effects as well as any amp that I have used. Effects clean-up when they are supposed to... or not, when they are not supposed to. Effects interact with this amp very much like they do a tube amp. The MicroPro sounds equally great with single coil pickups or humbuckers. Reliability/Durability: ***** The staff at Quilter Labs "jump through hoops" to service their customers. They are extremely reachable and responsive. I haven't needed any problems solved, but this is a company that proactively had me return the amp to make an upgrade, and who later sent me an upgraded amp cover at no charge because they thought it was "the right thing to do". (There was nothing wrong with the original cover: the new one was just a little better). Like Leo Fender in the old days, they seek input from customers, and often repsond to customer requests and recommendations. I have all the confidence in the world that the folks art Quilter Labs will take care of any issues with flying colors. Ease of Use: **** Very intuitive controls. Most controls and functions are easy to understand and use, even without the manual. Like any amp of this complexity, there is a bit of a learning curve. Many of the controls are highly interactive.The manual is well written, thorough, helpful, and easy to understand. Everything is pretty straightforward. Reviewer Background: I have been playing guitar for almost 50 years in amateur and semi pro situations, both solo and in bands, acoustic and electric. Lately I have mostly been playing at home for my own enjoyment.   Purchased From: Quilter Labs Direct Price: $800.00 new Additional Comments:  I've been a tube-amp geek for all of my life, and never thought that I would find a solid state amp that was acceptable for my needs. And an with an 8" speaker??? But I'm here to tell you that this little beast gets very good tube tone with incredible warmth, harmonics, and touch-sensitivity, and has the volume, cut and dispersion of a much larger amplifier. Will it do 100% everything that a magical vintage tube amp delivers? No, but it is closer than I ever thought possible with a solid state or modeling amp, and it is plenty good enough for me.