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Inspired by legendary and almost unobtainable amps, the OVERDRIVE 200 brings several iconic overdrive sounds within reach of the average musician. The incredible 200 watt Quilter Tone Block powerplant is combined with a traditional “tone stack” EQ section to form a classic Clean channel. A three-way Drive channel provides several explosive distortion tones which can be dialed from "mild to wild", plus further adjustments using the Clean channel EQ. BlockDock compatible, uses British type dual footswitch.

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    swangdb on February 8, 2020 at 2:43 pm


    I bought the Overdrive 200 because I wasn’t happy with the distortion offered by my Aviator. The distortion sounds like either a Dumble or a Mesa Boogie IIc+, depending on who you believe. The clean channel offers gain, bass, mid and treble. The lead and crunch channels share Gain and Output Controls. The lead and clean channels share TMB controls. The crunch channel has a preset tone setting that bypasses the tone controls and can’t be overridden. The master Watts control goes from 0 to 200 watts. I rarely have the watts above 50 watts, usually it’s less than that. The crunch and lead channels need separate Gain and Output controls. When one channel sounds right to me, the other doesn’t sound right. Maybe Quilter could use dual pots (two pots in one) to offer separate controls for each channel. I usually set the lead channel how I want it, which means the crunch channel won’t sound right, so I rarely use the crunch channel. The lead and clean channels sound very good and are versatile. If I was going to redesign this amp, I’d want separate gain and output controls for lead and crunch, the ability to bypass the preset tone settings for crunch, and add reverb. I don’t know where they’d put the reverb control(s), but I bet there is a way. It’s a solid amp and I’ve used it for nearly every gig since buying it over three years ago. I have a Blockdock 12HD cabinet that I like. Because of the crunch issues, I feel like the score should be less than 5, but 4 seems much too low, so I gave it a 5.