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Ever arrive at a session only to find your amp is dead, or maybe it’s a “silent stage” with no amps allowed? Acoustic players can plug straight in, but electric guitars need a purpose-built direct interface. The Quilter Phantom Block provides the correct input impedance, gain, tone and overdrive that the electric guitar needs to sound its best. This simple low-cost device gives you the key creative controls you need at your fingertips, and should be in every gig bag as a backup solution.

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    Thurm on February 8, 2020 at 4:33 am


    This clever device takes care of getting straight to the board. It's particularly cool that it can run off of phantom power! (It can also be powered with 9v adaptor or battery.) Simple tone control. Gain can take it clean or crunchy, but the crunch lives in a small arc at the near the full extent of rotation, so it might be helpful to use pedals to get better control of high gain sounds. With a split signal, this would be a good way to increase the functionality of the 101 series to get into the PA and monitor mix. Inexpensive problem solver.