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The original Tone Block 200 set new standards as the first high power amp designed to fit right on a pedalboard. The Tone Block 201 takes it to the next level - the same 200W output into 4-8 ohms, with additional voicing and interconnect features for increased flexibility. "Junior" in size, "Senior" in capability. The "danger" stripes are there for a reason!

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    Robbiereverb on February 8, 2020 at 4:18 am


    The Tone Block 201 is a tremendous mini head, that can stand head-to-head with any tube, solid state, or modeling head out there. I run my Tone Block 201 through a Frontliner 2 X 8 cabinet. It sounds absolutely huge, and the tones are great. I struggled between buying the Tone Block 201, and the Pro Block 200. To me the amp voicing control was more valuable than the limiter & reverb on the PB 200, so I bought the TB 201.The tones are tubelike, and stellar. The voicings offered (Full-Q, Jazz, Tweed, Surf, and Lead) are spot-on. That said, you're not going to get metal tones out of this amp, without adding pedals/gain-stages.The Tri-Q, and Hi-Cut controls, are a little different than conventional (TMB) tone controls, and take some getting used-to, but, with choosing the correct voicing, allow for dialing-in pretty much any tone that you need. The head is a great pedal platform. Every pedal that I've run through it has sounded terrific. There is power to spare. 200 watts is more than I'll ever need, but it's nice to know it's there, and it's nice to have the huge amount of headroom available. The head is tiny, and weighs almost nothing. It's super cool that the head is easily secured into the Frontliner cabinet, and that both, combined, are very light and ultra-portable. Quilter products are rock solid, and their customer service is second to none. My vintage tube amps are collecting dust, and I expect to be using Quilter equipment, until I drop.