The BlockDock Speaker line provides a modular way to connect your favorite compact Quilter head with the speaker of your choice. Optimized drivers and  solid-core plywood construction assure plenty of audio output with a minimum of weight. The rear mounted docking compartment accepts any 100 or 200 series head from our growing collection, with the controls facing up for convenient access. BlockDocks come with a rear retaining plate and two thumbscrews to easily mount and remove your Block amp for use as a standalone head. The amps can drive one or two 8-ohm speakers, so you can mix-and-match, or build mini-stacks to cover anything from a small club to the world's largest stage. 

The BlockDock 10TC is a compact 100W solution that rocks back for close-up monitoring, while the BlockDock 12HD and Frontliner 2x8w handle the full power of the 200 series.