Artist Spotlight - Gino Matteo

Artist Spotlight - Gino Matteo

Gino Matteo is carving the spot he deserves as a "force of nature" in the roots world. Sensational guitarist, songwriter and powerfully emotional live performer, he empowered the Sugaray Rayford hit machine for nearly a decade. Gino has destroyed countless audiences here in the US and abroad with his powerful wit, gut ripping playing, and incredibly gifted musicianship.

His explosive, spontaneous, and original live show stands with the most legendary of blues players. Gino, along with the gutsy soul-power vocals of his lovely and talented wife Jade Bennett, have been heating up the blues circuit across the western US and internationally. This hard charging dream team brings a raw and soulful interpretation to roots music, moving it forward progressively and creatively.

Bennett and Matteo met in 2010 in Southern California at a gig. Gino ended up sitting in with Jade and once she started singing, he knew they had to play together. They almost immediately moved in together and started writing music while Gino toured with Sugaray Rayford all the while keeping a catalog of music going with Jade Bennett. BMB wouldn't be formed for nearly a decade as Gino's tour schedule became more hectic. 

They played shows together anytime Gino was in town and Jade joined the Sugaray Rayford Band on tour as a backup singer a number of times. Over time, through touring and home life, Jade and Gino decided to go nomad and live full time off-grid. They decided the only thing they wanted to do was play music and live on their own terms.

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