About Us

Quilter Labs is a company that makes the world’s most advanced, unique, and patented solid state guitar amplification products and most innovative digital guitar effects. We are passionate about providing guitar and bass players with the best sound quality, performance, and durability. We are committed to innovation, excellence, and customer satisfaction. We are Quilter Labs, and we make music better!

Meet our team.

Our founder Patrick Quilter

Patrick Quilter
Patrick Quilter is a visionary entrepreneur, engineer, and musician who has revolutionized the field of audio technology. He is the founder of Quilter Labs, a company that produces innovative, high-quality, and lightweight guitar amplifiers using class-D amplifier technology. He is also the co-founder of QSC, a leading manufacturer of professional audio systems and solutions. Quilter has a passion for sound and a knack for design, having invented numerous patents and products that have shaped the industry. He is a generous philanthropist who supports the arts and education in his community. Quilter is a true legend and an inspiration for aspiring guitarists and engineers alike.
Quilter is also an avid collector of vintage audio equipment and automobiles. His garage includes epic cars of yesteryear, micro cars, and even a WWII Jeep! He also owns a large collection of early record players, radios, and phonographs, some dating back to the 1920s. Quilter enjoys playing music as well, especially the lap steel guitar and the ukulele. He is an enormous fan of Edgar Rice Burroughs and has made many contributions including even writing an entire short novel as a tribute to Edgar Rice Burrough's Tarzan character.

In 1967, my brother, the professional musician in the family, was starting... (Click for More)

Leadership team.

CEO, Christopher Parks
Christopher Parks, the CEO of Quilter Labs, combines business acumen with a passion for music and innovation. Under his leadership, Quilter Labs has become one of the fastest-growing amplifier companies globally, disrupting industry norms with lightweight, high-quality amplifiers. Beyond the boardroom, Christopher's hobbies include piloting and maintaining airplanes as well as playing multiple instruments, and songwriting among many other passions. His relentless pursuit of excellence ensures that Quilter Labs remains at the forefront of the musical instrument industry.

Director of Operations, Nicole Cheshire  

Nicole Cheshire is a dynamic leader, organizer, and problem-solver who oversees the daily operations of Quilter Labs. As the Director of Operations she is responsible for managing the office, coordinating the production, and ensuring the quality and efficiency of the products and services. She is also involved in customer service, operations, finance, and materials acquisition. Nicole has a wealth of experience in the musical instruments industry. She has been a passionate music lover ever since her childhood days rummaging through old boxes and discovering her mother’s old Beatles albums! Her other passion in life is travel, if she could make a living globetrotting, it would be sayonara Quilter Labs! Nicole is a vital member of the Quilter Labs team, and has made significant contributions to the company’s success and growth.

Operations Manager, Jairo "Hero" Skeen

Jairo Skeen, a dedicated Operations Manager, brings a wealth of experience from the fields of manufacturing, logistics, and trade show management. His previous tenures at QSC Audio and Alesis have honed his skills and expertise, making him a valuable asset in any operational setting. Jairo's professional life is complemented by a vibrant personal life. He is an avid salsa dancer, a hobby that showcases his passion for rhythm and coordination. His love for hands-on work is evident in his involvement in various construction projects, where he skillfully navigates the challenges of building and creating. At home, Jairo enjoys spending quality time with his wife and dogs, cherishing the simple pleasures of life. His diverse interests and experiences shape his unique perspective, making him not just an effective manager, but one of the greatest people you may ever be lucky enough to know. 

Director of Marketing, John "Metal" Meza

John Meza has a deep background in marketing, video production, social media marketing, and is a natural leader driving Quilter to reach new market recognition and branding success. He is a long time guitarist having logged well over 10,000 hours of systematic practice before he reached legal voting age! He is deeply passionate about promoting products that empower and inspire guitarists. He is an enormous fan of metal music and amongst his influences are Steve Vai, Eddie Van Halen, Joe Satriani, and Paganini. A family man, he devotes most of his free time to spending time with his wife and children. 


Customer and Dealer Relations Specialist, Samuel Wellard

Samuel Wellard, a dedicated Customer Care Representative, hails from the beautiful Central Coast of California. His journey into the world of music began at the tender age of 10 when he learned to play the drums. As a teenager, he expanded his musical repertoire by teaching himself to play the bass and guitar. When he's not providing excellent customer service, Samuel can often be found at a local coffee shop or making magical memories at Disneyland. A man of many talents, Samuel is also an avid photographer. He takes great pleasure in capturing the diverse sights of his current home, Orange County. His passion for music, love for photography, and commitment to customer care make Samuel a unique and valuable member of our team.

Manufacturing Assembler, Kevin Lott

Kevin Lott, our skilled Manufacturing Assembler, brings a rhythm to his work that's inspired by his love for music. A drummer at heart, Kevin discovered his passion for the instrument at a young age. His appreciation for music doesn't stop at playing; he's also an avid fan of jazz fusion, a genre known for its complex rhythms and improvisation. When he's not assembling products with precision and care, Kevin can often be found behind a drum set, skillfully keeping time to a fusion tune. His ability to balance the technical demands of his job with his creative pursuits speaks volumes about his versatility. Whether he's in the manufacturing facility or behind his drum set, Kevin's dedication and passion shine through, making him an invaluable member of our team.


Senior Digital Designer Brian Neunaber

Brian Neunaber
You can think you are cool as a pedal designer, but come talk to us when you are "John Mayer calling you out as the inspiration for their song because of your pedal" cool. Or perhaps Joe Satriani raving about your awesome reverb... Brian Neunaber is a brilliant engineer, designer, and musician who has created some of the most advanced and versatile guitar effects pedals in the market. He is the founder of Neunaber Audio, a company that specializes in digital signal processing and reverb algorithms. We were lucky enough to have him join us as our senior Digital Musical Products Engineer at Quilter Labs. Neunaber has a deep background in electrical engineering and computer science, having worked at QSC Audio, and St. Louis Music before starting his own company. He is deeply passionate about creating products that enhance the musical experience and expression of guitarists and is always looking for how to engineer inspiration into everything he touches. 

Panoptigon, Robert Becker

Robert Becker is a skilled engineer, and musician who has contributed to the development and success of Quilter Labs, a company that produces innovative guitar amplifiers using class-D amplifier technology. Becker has a background in electronics and music, having worked as an engineer at QSC before joining Quilter Labs. He is passionate about creating products that combine quality, performance, and reliability. He is also a fan of vintage audio equipment and keyboards, and has a special interest in the Optigan, a rare optical organ from the 1970s. He has developed a unique mastering system for making new optical discs for the Optigan, and has also collaborated with Quilter Labs to create the Panoptigon, a modern way to play these optical discs. Becker is a talented and creative individual who has made a significant impact on the audio industry.

Jr. Design Product Engineer, Marisa Falatovich

Marisa Falatovich is a Design Engineer at Quilter Labs. Marisa began working for Neunaber Technology, LLC in 2014 as an assembler and repairs technician, and grew into the role of project manager. Her expertise lies in data analysis and designing custom parts. Marisa has created inventory management systems, developed project timelines, and written training documentation. Marisa's skills extend to music production, 3D design, graphic design, web design and video production. She enjoys helping customers with troubleshooting. She holds an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of California, Irvine, and a B.S. in Recording Arts from Indiana University Jacobs School of Music.