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Trouble installing on macOS?

Wet Reverberator Plug-In

Trial and perpetual-license downloads are the same: a purchased license key unlocks the 15-day limit on the trial version.

Wet Reverberator 1.0.7
macOS 10.12+ / Windows 10+

Program Packs

Program Packs install alongside the factory programs folder.

  • Open the plug-in interface
  • Click the programs menu > Open Folder...
  • Select the program pack folder in the Programs folder

View the readme.txt file in the download package for install instructions.

Drew's Factory 1.0

Mike Pepe 1.0

ILLUMINE Preset Manager

ILLUMINE Preset Manager software allows you to import/export presets, backup/restore settings and update the firmware in your ILLUMINE Reverb pedal. It is not a preset editor (which is easy to do from the pedal itself), although it does provide for an easy way to rename presets.

A USB-MIDI interface is required. Some low-cost interfaces will not work with ILLUMINE Preset Manager. For firmware updates, only a verified-compatible interface is recommended. See the Firmware Update Guide for a list.

Preset Manager 2.0 adds 3 new reverbs, for a total of 20 reverb effects.

Preset Manager 2.0.4

Preset Banks

Preset Banks are installed into the User Presets of ILLUMINE. Factory Presets are not overwritable.

Modern Producer Preset Bank

Bonus Presets for Version 2 Only

Neuron Commander

Neuron Commander software simplifies setup and preset creation for your Neuron Gain Intelligence pedal. A compatible USB-to-MIDI adapter is required (please see Neuron Commander User Guide for a list).

Neuron Commander 1.0.5

Iconoclast Software

Iconoclast™ Software unleashes the full potential of your Iconoclast Speaker Emulator—accessing response visualization, deep editing, additional EQ, stereo enhancement and more. Iconoclast Software is free to download and use.

Iconoclast Software 1.0.2

Expanse Software

Expanse Software can transform your v1/v2 Stereo Effect pedal with USB jack into any available effect. These pedals include:

  • Wet Stereo Reverb
  • Seraphim Stereo Shimmer
  • Echelon Stereo Echo
  • Chroma Stereo Chorus
  • Expanse Stereo Effect Pedal
  • Slate Stereo Effect Pedal

A few effects require 100% wet-signal, which is only possible with v2/Expanse pedals (these have the ExP port).

Expanse Software contains many of the effects we developed up through 2017. It is no longer maintained and therefore does not contain any newer effects.

Expanse Software 2.8.2

Expanse Software 2.8.0

Expanse Software 2.7.3

Expanse Software 2.7.1

Expanse Software 2.6.1

Pedal Customizer 2.4.1

Pedal Customizer 2.3.0

Pedal Customizer 2.2.1 Beta

Pedal Customizer 2.1.1 Beta

Pedal Customizer 1.6.1

Pedal Customizer 1.5.0

Pedal Customizer 1.4.0

Pedal Customizer 1.3.2