Artist Spotlight - Nick Campbell

Artist Spotlight - Nick Campbell

Nick Campbell plays the electric bass. He was born and raised in Los Angeles and like most members of the city’s bountiful music scene he spent the majority of his youth in the annals of music education. It was here that Campbell developed his unique penchant for superimposing triadic patterns over static harmony (commonly referred to as “getting modal”).

You may have seen him playing bass as a sideman with (but not limited to): Pomplamoose, Scary Pockets, Charlie Puth, Vulfpeck, Meghan Trainor, Larry Goldings, Raquel Rodriguez, Nigel Hall, Theo Katzman, Michael Mayo and Moonchild and as a leader (or co-leader) with the bands: Shrek Is Love and Bear Attack.

He currently writes music under the name “Nick Campbell Destroys.” Some people think that his music sounds like a deranged amalgam of Industrial Jazz-Funk and too many tri-tone substitutions, but he thinks it just sounds like goofy nihilism. Nick released his debut album "Art" on December 9th, 2022, a ten track ultra funky modal blast about meaninglessness in the face of suffering but in a fun way. He released "Live for the Highest Bidder" with Jacob Mann and Christian Euman on July 14th, 2023. Also, plz respect his art.

Nick uses the BassBlock 802 and several Bass Docks

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