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MicroPro Gen 1 Head

MicroPro Gen 1 Head
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The MicroPro head exists because several of our friends who had tried out the 8" plugged in their half stacks on a whim and got an earful of what a true 100 watts of power could do to wake up their cabinets. With comments like, "Oh my! No normal head can keep up!" we decided that we should go on and create the ultimate lightweight solution for guitarists.
Got an extension cab? Want jaw dropping power? Want something about half as heavy as the typical pedal board? This is the most often used amplifier by touring professionals. Why? Because you can't always rely on a good amp for backline but you always can use the speakers in the cab and get a decent tone. If you can't rely on that then plug the now legendary direct out in and get amazing tone right from your monitors.
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