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SuperBlock US

SuperBlock US
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Price: $299.00

The SuperBlock US packs three vintage amplifiers into the most extensible system you can fit on your pedalboard. Featuring 57 Tweed, 61 Blonde, and 65 Blackface voicings, the SuperBlock US has all of your classic California amp needs covered. For the first time, we are excited to offer all of tonal secrets in a pedal format.
Fitting into a slot about the size of a double width pedal, the SuperBlock fits the power of a 25 watt tube amp right on your pedalboard when powered by our PS-24. For quieter applications you can also power it with a conventional 9v power supply for 1 watt of power. Features include two Cab Sims and an FRFR mode on the XLR Out and headphone out, three classic voices, Limiter, Reverb, and an effects loop.
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SRV Tone by Dizzy Guitar

Corey Witt - SuperBlock US

SuperBlock RJ

Tommy Harkenrider demos the SuperBlock US

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Power:25 Watts 8 Ohms (4-16 Ohms Okay)
Power Requirements for full power:24 Volt Power Supply (Included)
Power requirements for reduced power:9V-300ma
Weight:1.35 Pounds (0.61 kg)
Dimensions:H 4.25” (10.8cm) x W 6.5” (16.5 cm) x D 1.5” (2.5cm)
Outer carton: 10.75” (27.3cm) x 6.25” (15.86cm) x 2.5” (6.35cm


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