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The Quilter Aviator Mach 3 represents the most lightweight and powerful two channel head in the world today. Weighing in at just over four pounds, it can handle up to a full 200 watts of tube-like power. Choose the Mach 3 wherever you need supersonic power and tone and intend to use dual channels to their fullest extent.


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    mattpianowski on September 22, 2022 at 4:11 pm


    I've had this head for 6 months now, and I am still in love with it. Each voicing is beautiful and distinct. Here's how I use it: Channel 1 is my constant dirty channel. Plexi is my choice here, and is definitely my most used for AC/DC, and believe it or not, low-tuned 8-string metal. It doesn't chug (not what I'm going for), but I'll explain more in a second. Channel 2 is my clean channel that I run a distortion pedal into. I have no voicing preference here - they are all beautiful and I switch frequently. When I want to chug on the 8-string, I use a distortion pedal. This amp takes the Amptweaker Tight Metal (not pro) extremely well. The native reverb is fantastic, much better than most reverb units I have experience with. I don't use the tremolo feature but from what I can tell, it does what it's supposed to. For reference, my signal chain is as follows: Guitar -> Tight Metal -> Mach 3 -> DV Mark 112S cabinet. I think there is something here for everyone. Give it a chance and your ears will thank you!

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