ExP Tips and Tricks

The ExP Controller Pedal adds a lot of power and flexibility to the Neunaber Expanse-Series Pedals, but it also adds complexity. As a user of the ExP, understanding the following items will greatly enhance your experience:

  • The ExP is really just a simple controller. All of the smarts are in the Expanse Pedal itself; namely, the storage of the effects and presets. The ExP simply recalls these effects and presets.
  • A "preset" is how the knobs are set. Each of the four effect slots allows for two presets (stored knob settings). You cannot have different effect algorithms for the two presets.
  • An "effect" is an algorithm such as a reverb, chorus or echo. You may store any algorithm in any of the four effect slots. They may all be different or the same (if you simply want more presets of the same effect).
  • The Preset Morph expression input allows you to morph between your two presets. Setting the expression pedal between toe down and heel down results in intermediate settings—like having more presets. You can set one preset as subtle and the other extreme, then use the Preset Morph to access a myriad of in-between presets.

Expanse Software vs. "On-the-Pedal" Configuation

Effect algorithms are programmed using Expanse software, while certain other functions are configured on the pedal itself. These functions, completely independent of Expanse software and the programmed effect, are:

  • Mix Knob Behavior
  • Bypass Type (only if you have the true bypass version)
  • Second Switch Function (enabling tap tempo & long-press for shimmer)

These configurable functions are separate for each effect slot on the ExP. Please read the Expanse-series Advanced Setup Guide for more information.

Tap Tempo

It is important to note that tap tempo is a global setting. This only comes into play when you have an echo programmed in more than one effect slot AND have tap tempo enabled as the second-switch function on these effect slots. If you tap the tempo while in one echo effect then change to the other echo effect, this echo will inherit the new tap tempo. You can, however, have different tap divides (set by the knob). This behavior is by-design and allows one to change effects mid-session without losing tempo.

Likewise, if you disable tap tempo on one effect (by holding down the footswitch for one second), it will be disabled globally.

If you want an effect slot to maintain a pre-set tempo, then you should disable the tap tempo by configuring the effect slot's second-switch function to "none" and use the knob to set the delay time. Again, the second-switch functions are set independently for each effect slot, so you can have one echo that uses tap tempo and another that uses the Time knob only.

The following table summarizes the intended configuration for each use case:

Desired Usage If Using Only One Echo Effect If Using More than One Echo Effect Slot
Set Tempo On-the-Fly You may use tap tempo or Time knob only Configure the second-switch function to tap tempo (see User Guide). Tap in a new tempo each time you need to change tempo. 
Use a Pre-set Delay Time You may use tap tempo or Time knob only Configure the second-switch function to none (see User Guide). Use the knob to pre-set the desired delay time for this effect slot.

Controlling Multiple Pedals

You may connect multiple Expanse Pedals to one ExP Controller using our PentaPort Combiner or any passive RJ45 splitter like this one or this one. The ExP will change all connected pedals to the same effect/preset. If you want to control pedals separately, you will need separate ExPs.