Celestion Copperback 250 Watt speaker

Replacement Guitar Speaker - 12" Celestion Copperback 250W

Regular price$249.00

Replacement speaker for the Mach 3 combo, Gino Matteo 12 and AJ Ghent 12 combos.

The Neo 250 Copperback delivers tone by the truckload, but without Celestion's signature cone breakup. Built around a neodymium magnet, this speaker is all about transparency. It reveals the best characteristics of your amplifier without imparting additional coloration. So instead of Celestion's trademark growl, you get a sound that's teeming with tight lows, neutral low mids, defined upper mids, and well-controlled highs. If you're aiming for the classic "brown sound," then the Neo 250 Copperback isn't the right speaker for you. But if you want less midrange vocal intensity, shimmering tubular-bell-like cleans, and flute-like high gain, the Neo 250 Copperback is a clear winner.