Neunaber iconoclast facing front
Neunaber iconoclast back view
Neunaber iconoclast facing diagonally to the left
Neunaber iconoclast facing diagonally to the right
Neunaber iconoclast top view
Neunaber iconoclast side view

Iconoclast Speaker Emulator

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Easily Dial In Your Own Unique Speaker Sound

Iconoclast is the state-of-the-art in guitar speaker & cabinet emulation. Instead of using static IRs (impulse responses) that cannot be adjusted in real time, Iconoclast uses proprietary filters to parameterize the speaker & cabinet, allowing you to simply and intuitively dial in the sound you’ve been looking for.

Low Power Consumption

Use a standard 9 V or 12 V pedal power supply. Or, connect Iconoclast to a 100 mA output on a brick supply.

Headphone Output

Dedicated headphone output with separate level control. Your neighbors will love it as much as you do. Can also be used as an aux output.

Noise Gate

A studio-quality noise gate with Threshold control to clean up the signal at the end of your chain. Additional parameters can be adjusted in Iconoclast Software.

Free Iconoclast Software

Iconoclast sounds great out of the box. But for those who want to visualize the response and take a deep dive into tone sculpting, Iconoclast Software is available for free download.

Iconoclast Speaker Emulator Pedal on a pedalboardIconoclast Speaker Emulator Pedal on the floorIconoclast Speaker Emulator Pedal

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