Quilter Labs Duck Amplifier Manual Cover
Quilter Labs Duck Amplifier and Micropro
Quilter Labs Duck Amplifier close up of circuits
Quilter Labs Duck Amplifier insides

The Duck

Regular price$7,500,000.00

Probably the most sound anyone ever got out of 6 transistors – 3 in the preamp, 1 driver, and two outputs. Virtually, effectively, just about makes its rated 100 watts, with 10% distortion. Back when alnico was a cheap solution. These are eminence speakers with 1.5-inch voice coils; i think they cost less than $10 each. Date code, early 1971? Seems about right.

The cabinets were made for "Quilter Sound Company by DeCuire case co. In Los Angeles. Electronics PCB, etched and drilled in house, mounted on hand-drilled aluminum chassis. Our in house amp still works fine although Pat replaced the bias resistors which had drifted a little hot.

If you've heard the song Jungle Love by the Steve Miller Band, you've heard The Duck!

Download a scan of the hand-drawn brochure here

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