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Modern Producer Preset Bank for ILLUMINE

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Created by professional synthesist, sound designer and composer Drew Schlesinger, the Modern Producer Preset Bank is a collection of 50 presets for the ILLUMINE Reverb. The presets were designed to be used in all types of modern music recording, mixing and production.

A wide array of electronic and acoustic sounds were used during creation of the presets, including vocals, brass, synthesizers, keyboards, drums, drum machines and guitar. Many were designed to recreate realistic spaces, and as such, employ little or no modulation. Some presets do employ modulation and pitch shifting to create the lush reverbs for which Neunaber is known. In some cases, this approach was taken to the extreme to create new, weird and creative effects.

To install presets from the Modern Producer Preset Bank, you will need a USB-MIDI interface, a macOS/ Windows PC and ILLUMINE Preset Manager Software. Presets are available for individual or bulk import into the User Presets of ILLUMINE.

The Presets

# Name Type Size/Time Description
0 Universal Reverb Reverb Med-Small A basic reverb good for adding a nice space to almost any sound
1 Natural Hall Reverb Medium A realistic medium size hall with no modulation
2 Natural Plate Reverb Med-Large A warmish medium size plate with no modulation
3 In the Studio Reverb Medium A realistic warm medium size recording studio space
4 Club Rehearsal Reverb Medium A bright, reflective space like an empty jazz club
5 Center Stage Reverb Large An emulation of being on the stage of a smallish theater
6 Spring Room Reverb Small A room like space from a spring reverb
7 Concert Hall Reverb Large A large, pre-delayed concert hall with minimal modulation
8 Stereo Mic Ambiance Small A small space from a pair of stereo mics with room bleed
9 Empty Theatre Reverb Large A semi-large empty Broadway theater
10 Big Film Score Reverb X-Large A big lush reverb for orchestra and string swells… the finale scene
11 Long Plate Reverb Large A long bright plate with no modulation
12 Drumbox Splats EFX-Verb X-Small A pre-delayed set of short, splattered early reflections
13 Drumbox Slaps EFX-Verb Small Short delay slaps with a bit of room reverb
14 Short Low Down Effect Small Octave down pitch tracker with short reverb
15 Short Sky High Effect Small Octave up pitch tracker with short reverb
16 Big Gated Reverb Small A big, short gated reverb opens based on input attack and level (change Sensitivity to adjust)
17 Percussive Space Reverb Medium A dense medium sized space good for drums and other sounds too
18 Tiled Space Reverb Small A very bright tiled room with lots of reflections
19 Chorus Roomed Chor-Verb Small A deep chorus/detune with a small room reverb
20 A Big Spring Reverb Large A long bright spring reverb with some modulation
21 Mono ChorFlnge Chorus X-Short A mono slow chorus/flanger with no reverb
22 InstaTronChoir Pitch-Verb Large Up and down octaves with mod that creates a big “tron” like effect
23 The Longlooper Delay XX-Long Almost infinite, overdubbing delay loop with a touch of reverb
24 Galactic Bloom Reverb X-Large A very large, expansive spacey reverb with a really long decay
25 The Ghosts Vox EFX-Verb Small Highly modulated upper voice-like octave with a short reverb
26 Boing Boomchak Reverb Med-Small A shortish spring reverb with a lot of boing…cool on drums
27 Mostly An Echo Delay Short A single slap back delay with a little verb, Depth adds delay repeats
28 Wobbly Spacey EFX-Verb Large A deep modulated large reverb with a darker decay
29 An Octave Down Pitch Short A lower octave pitch with very short decay and no verb
30 Larger Studio Reverb Med-Large A larger lively and dense bigger studio space
31 Dynamic Riser EFX-Verb Large Fast notes do little, a long verb fades in on held notes or chords
32 Hi Atmospheric EFX-Verb XX-Large An almost infinite overdubbing reverb cloud with some modulation
33 Sml Stax Plate Reverb Small A short dark R&B plate from Memphis
34 Luscious Synth Chor-Verb Large A deep chorus with modulated verb great for big synth chords
35 Chamber This Reverb Medium A realistic chamber reverb with a bit of pre-delay
36 RMX Ambiance Reverb Small A bright short ambient gate-like verb like a famous '80s effect
37 Satin Shimmer EFX-Verb Large A smooth warm satin-like shimmer and reverb wash
38 Heavy Detuner Pitch Small A heavy micro shift detune with no reverb and a slight pre-delay
39 Wet Beauty Reverb Large A beauteous large Wet reverb with nice modulation
40 Mammoth Plate Reverb X-Large An unnaturally long, dense and chorused plate reverb space
41 ECM PCM Hall Reverb Large A warm slightly chorused modern jazz reverb from Oslo
42 Recital Hall Reverb Medium A medium and slightly dark hall to give your college recital
43 Delay Echoes Delay Short A short echo delay, Depth adds repeats, Echo Time changes delay time
44 Enossification Effect Med-Small A widely modulated reverb akin to what a famous producer might use
45 Dark Shadows Pitch-Verb Large A rather eerie lower octave pitch with spacious reverb
46 Space Quest Reverb XX-Large Almost to infinity... and beyond
47 Slo Flangeroom Pitch-Verb Med-Small A slow flange sweep with a bit of room reverb
48 My Livingroom Reverb Medium My living room with old worn carpet and no furniture
49 Dark Classroom Reverb Med-Small A place you go to practice at school with the lights off