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Sitar - Optigan Disc

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The original Optigan owner's manual tantalizingly lists sitar as one of its many featured instruments, but in fact no sitar sounds ever appeared on either an Optigan disc or even the original studio master tapes. With the first in our series of One Finger Composer discs, makes good on this long neglected promise.

Indian classical music consists of melody and rhythm in counterpoint, accompanied by drone (i.e., no Western style chords or harmonic motion). With Sitar, the various drones are put on the SFX tabs, tabla loops on the chord buttons, and 37 different sitar riffs (played in raga Todi) on the keys. Given the way the Optigan's sounds constantly loop in sync with each other, this allows for an endless recombination of sitar riffs. demonstrating new possibilities for loop-based sampling.

Important Note:

All discs are subject to the following licensing arrangement.
You MAY use any and all sounds on our Optigan/Orchestron discs to create derivative works for commercial or private use without any further licensing fee beyond the original purchase price of the discs. No credit to is required. If your Optigan/Orchestron resides in a commercial studio which you operate, this license also extends to your clients. 
You MAY NOT simply copy the sound contents of the discs and distribute the material directly as sample loops, either commercially or privately. 
You MAY NOT make physical copies of the actual discs themselves, other than for private use/experimentation.


  • Optigan and Panoptigon disc players


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