Neunaber Seraphim front view
Neunaber Seraphim back view
Neunaber Seraphim facing diagonally to the left
Neunaber Seraphim facing diagonally to the right
Neunaber Seraphim top view

Seraphim Shimmer v2

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From Lush Reverb to a Majestic Choir of Angels

Imagine being able to add a little atmospheric sparkle or a full synth-pad effect. Now, imagine switching on-the-fly between this and the Wet Reverb for which Neunaber is famous.

But you also want to keep it simple — less time fiddling with knobs and more time playing. And you want something that doesn’t take up a lot of space on your pedalboard or require a lot of power from your supply.

Introducing the Seraphim Shimmer v2 — everything you loved about the original, plus more.

User Friendly

Whether you're a beginner looking for your first pedal or a seasoned pro looking to set it and forget it, this is a fantastic, easy-to-use shimmer. Dial in a multitude of sounds with just 3 knobs.

Low Power Consumption

Use a standard 9 V or 12 V pedal power supply. Or, connect Seraphim v2 to a 100 mA output on a brick supply.

Buffered Bypass

It's great to have a buffer at the end of your signal chain.

Analog Dry Signal

Your dry signal remains analog for low noise and zero latency.

Neunaber Seraphim Shimmer pedal on a tableNeunaber Seraphim Shimmer Pedal on a table next to a guitarNeunaber Seraphim Shimmer pedal next to a guitar

Sound Samples

Cloudy Skies

Original Shimmer
New Shimmer with W3T

Digital Dreams

Original Shimmer
New Shimmer with W3T


Original Shimmer
New Shimmer with W3T


Original Shimmer
New Shimmer with W3T

All audio clips were recorded direct with the Neuron: Gain Intelligence and Iconoclast.

While the controls are simple and straightforward, the Seraphim Shimmer gives you an endless playground of reverb and shimmer sounds. Seraphim was designed to be so easy to use that you can dial in a great tone within 1 minute, but powerful enough to dial in your perfect shimmer sound.

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