Neunaber WET pedal front view
Neunaber WET pedal back view
Neunaber WET pedal facing diagonally to the right
Neunaber WET pedal facing diagonally to the left
Neunaber WET pedal top view

Wet Reverb v5

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From Natural to Atmospheric, it's Easy with the Wet Reverb

Dialing in a great tone shouldn't be a daunting task. Designed for compact flexibility, the Wet Reverb gives you the power to craft your reverb sound with three straightforward controls.

You want a reverb that can be huge and endless, warm and organic, or simply add a subtle sparkle. You set high standards for yourself and your tone, so add something special to your sound that doesn’t get in the way.

Introducing the Wet Reverb v5 — an update to the fan-favorite reverb pedal. The new Wet Reverb has everything you loved about its predecessor, plus a little more.

User Friendly

Whether you're a beginner looking for your first pedal or a seasoned pro looking to set it and forget it, this is a fantastic, easy-to-use reverb. Dial in a multitude of sounds with just 3 knobs.

Low Power Consumption

Use a standard 9 V or 12 V pedal power supply. Or, connect Wet v5 to a 100 mA output on a brick supply.

Buffered Bypass

It's great to have a buffer at the end of your signal chain.

Analog Dry Signal

Your dry signal remains analog for low noise and zero latency.

Neunaber Wet Reverb V5 on a tableNeunaber Wet Reverb V5 on a table with a guitar next to itNeunaber Wet Reverb V5 Pedal next to a guitar

Don't take our word for it


This is by far the most underrated reverb pedal. There's something that I'm very particular about gtr+reverb: the decay and it's clarity + EQ. This one in particualr has a perfect blend where you can play "runs" with clarity but still with that good length of ~atmosphere~...the tone warmth of this one is unbeatable.

Mateus Asato

Sound Samples

Blue Room

Original Wet


Original Wet


Original Wet

Sparkly Arpeggio

Original Wet


Original Wet

All audio clips were recorded direct with the Neuron: Gain Intelligence and Iconoclast.

By the way, did you know that a reverb’s sound quality is more a result of firmware than hardware? It doesn’t matter how much processing power you throw at it if the algorithm is sub par. Yet, an elegant and expertly-coded reverb algorithm can sound fantastic even with modest hardware. This is why we don’t tout hardware specs like MHz or MIPS — because these don’t make it sound better!

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