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Quilter Duck Amplifier
Probably the most sound anyone ever got out of 6 transistors – 3 in the preamp, 1 driver, and two outputs. Virtually, effectively, just about makes its rated 100 watts, with 10% distortion.
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Stereo Effects Should Always Be Mono-Compatible
Every once in a while, I'll run across an effect that produces a stereo output by inverting the effect on the second channel. While this may produce a "wide" stereo image in headphones or nearfield monitors, the practice of inverting a signal to produce a stereo effect is fraught with peril.
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Artist Spotlight - Greg Douglass
Guitarist, songwriter, sideman, band leader, and teacher Greg Douglass has been playing guitar since 1968. the same year that Pat started QSC. His influences were The Ventures, Dick Dale, Jeff Beck, The Beatles and Leo Kottke.  From his site... Greg's "acid-rock"...
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