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Reactive Loads for Guitar Amps
Maybe you want a line-level or headphone output for your guitar amp, or perhaps you simply want your amp to sound like it’s being run full bore without the deafening volume level. And a reactive load sure sounds more, well, “reactive”. But what does that really mean?
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Artist Spotlight - Travis Toy
My name is Travis Toy, and I am a professional musician in Nashville, TN. At the age of 13 I fell in love with the sound of Pedal Steel Guitar, and dedicated the next several years of my life to an intense study of the instrument.
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The Perilous Parallel Loop
Parallel effects loops have become common in recent years, particularly on higher-end guitar amps. In this article, I will attempt to explain how and why they are different from a normal serial effects loop, as well as their not-so-obvious problems...
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