MicroPro : Mach 2 Head : $799.00

The Quilter MicroPro Mach Head is not just "a" game changer. It is THE game changer. Pat Quilter has spent years analyzing why the greatest vintage amps sound so good. Then he developed analog technology that generates the physical properties of these tone standards, resulting in the tone and FEEL that makes players love good amps. Multiple switchable voices and classic effects deliver truly "organic" tone shaping options, bringing delight with the first lick. Go ahead! Try it! 



Mach 2 Head

This isn’t like purchasing just one amplifier, it is like purchasing 6 of the most sought-after tone standards of the last 40 years. Did we mention this isn’t modeling? This is patented technology that creates the actual behaviors of the most sought-after vintage amps, yielding results that emerge naturally from the interaction of fingers on strings. Unleash the Mach 2 Head on your Quilter extension cabinet or any good speaker. We’ll talk to you in a few hours when you come back down.

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